Find the right promotional models to express and reflect your brand image.

As a renowned modelling agency, we understand the importance of associating a human element with the face of a brand.

We have dedicated ourselves to re-define the meaning of modeling in India, and verily thrive to give each of our associate clients a better chance. We know our models strengths and personalities well which is paramount in matching them to each client brief, whether it's from an advertising agency, show producer or fashion designer.

Make your next ad or product launch something a little more striking, or give your guests a lasting impression. We know all too well that charisma, intelligence, marketing savvy and confidence go a long way when it comes to getting the right result for a client. So for every advertisement, product, show or event we select our models with the utmost care.

Are you a brand who wants to promote sexy, young, wild and free? We’ve got the perfect ambassadors for that. Or would you prefer a professional image, one that showcases refinement and elegance? Regardless, the Mediamark advertising agency has enthusiastic ambassadors waiting to assist you on meeting your brand’s marketing goals. By working with us, you are working with reputable industry influencers who will increase your social reach, enhance your reputation and bring profit to your spreadsheets.

Market says

When the presentation is presented with vivid images / models or character, people will remember 95% of what they hear and see...

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